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With nearly 30 years of history and over 700 sold worldwide, SeaRey is the world’s most popular light sport amphibious aircraft. Certified by the FAA in the US and by the CAAC in China, it is also the most capable amphibian on the market today because of its tailwheel configuration that makes it easy to drive out of the water onto steep-slope, soft-sand and rocky beaches. Relax and enjoy your beach time as boat wakes and wind gusts are no worries. Power when you need it, optimal wing loading, benign stall and spin resistance make the SeaRey a safer choice. Come fly with us and experience why pilots all over the world have chosen the SeaRey as the best platform for on and off-airport adventure.

Keene Ideas was contracted to develop a new Brand image, message and visual advertising campaign(s), as well as establish their presence as a legitimate sea plane manufacturer.  The phrase "Explore No Limits" was created for their niche and all collateral was designed using this look and feel of airborne explorers.




Custom size thri-fold brochure for air shows and trade shows


One of the main selling points of thee planes is their ease of flying for the LSA licensed pilot. To do this, normally a flight demonstration takes place with one of the expert pilots of Kerry Richter the chief engineer and designer of the SeaRey.  To overcome the logistics of this for many out-of-state buyers, a simulated "demo" video was produced by KIC using ex-Top Gun Pilot "Alex Howell" and Kerry Richter.  Production was done over a 2-day period with 3 planes using 8 GoPro cameras and traditional video production cameras.


Series of 4 vertical display banners 3' x 6' for trade shows and air shows.

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