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Fantasy World Resort

Fantasy World Resort was a 2 phased project.  KIC was contracted in the early construction phase of building a stand alone indoor surf pool (similar to the technology on projected surf waves for cruise ships) on the adjacent property of a large resort in Kissimmee, Florida.  Phase one: develop complete brand identity for the indoor surf facility, manage all advertising for 12 months, create all publicity and community awareness, 


Phase One:  included developing the brand build out for the project, as well as interior design elements for the surf shop and indoor cafeteria.  These projects amounted to all interior signage and layout for food and beverage operations.  For the surf shop, KIC managed all vendor relationships and contracts with Billabong, SurfBums, Oakley, Free Dive, Town and Country Surfboards East, etc.

Create brand unity for Fantasy Surf and all sub-products under their umbrella.  Create and design visual elements for the brand messaging in the marketplace thru distribution of collateral at Major hotel guest service , on-line graphic elements, sponsor packets, presentations and on-site displays.  Design and set-up potential sponsor list for execution, as well as bracketed sponsor levels and sponsor packets for distribution, discussion and coordination.  Coordinate local marketing efforts with bowling center managers for partnership with Next Level Entertainment for clinics and promotional events as designated.  Develop internal structure to existing organizational elements better facilitating execution of the brand mission goals and objectives with existing MDBO staff.

Phase Two: 

Brand development-

Brand Ambassador(s) - 

Surf World Tour -

Facility interior design -  

Advertising and Publicity - 


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